Josh and his sidekick, Toby, are a delightful combination. They have a rare and unforgettable bond created through timeless escapades. They are much like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, or Frodo and Sam, portraying the reality that boys will be boys, regardless of the era. The deprivation of the time and the fortitude to survive is visualized through the eyes of the young hero. The young protagonist, Josh, travels the path of his heritage; he literally descends into the world of his descendants. Josh experiences the overwhelming loss and hardship of a country divided by war. Hard work for the young and the old, issues of slavery, lack of sanitation and brother set against brother on the battlefield are revealed throughout the story.

Patricia Leppo pens a tale of adventure in The Drummer’s Call. In a story based on real life events, Leppo definitely did her homework. This fictional narrative is easy to read, making it a desirable book for her target audience. Yet, it is full of historical accuracy, taking the reader into the world of the Civil War, creating a story for all ages. Leppo depicts her time setting with sensory perception. The action flows, peaks, and ebbs smoothly. The denouement unfolds with sad and promising outcomes, giving way to a satisfying conclusion ... leaving the lasting reminder to be careful what you wish for because you never know where it will take you.

There is so much to praise about The Drummer’s Call. The friendship between Josh and Toby is touching, and their bond breaks the barrier between the time periods. They learn things from each other along the way, and each one is an authentic representation of their particular era in American history. It was interesting to learn about the different types of drumbeats used in combat as well, and that the soldiers depended on these drumbeats and rhythms for their daily tasks and assignments. I truly enjoyed when Josh had to intervene with certain normal practices during that era that would be considered a huge no-no in today’s world, such as germs and contaminates. These little authentic touches by author Patricia Leppo helped bring the reader right into the war and learn a little something while enjoying a good book. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in the Civil War or history, or YA readers who enjoy reading about different time periods.

What a terrific adventure Ms. Leppo takes the reader on! The Civil War experience, especially through the eyes of a drummer, is brought to life in the reader's mind. I admit, I'm not really a person who takes an interest in historical periods let alone the Civil War, but the author made the subject very approachable. I not only learned more about the Civil War experience (the day-to-day life at the camp, the raw feelings of battle, the bonds formed by humans facing great changes during such a time...), but I found myself captured by the story of two young boys who find themselves in such a life-changing journey.

This story has everything in it! Adventure, moments of suspense, even major twists that I didn't see coming. I really appreciated the author's ability to throw in subtle humor between the characters.( I grew quite attached to the character Toby!) I even found myself crying.

The Drummer's Call is a terrific read, and it will take you on a thrilling historical ride!

This book is a wonderful adventure that I would say any age from child to adult would definitely enjoy. It's an adventure in the way of Tom Sawyer that I couldn't put down. I love the characters Josh and Toby whose personalities I will never forget. It was also a lesson in history that I wouldn't otherwise have learned. I think this book would be fun summer reading for parents and children to read together or separately. I look forward to a sequel!


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